Can my child participate?

We generally accept children ages 2 to 10 years old, in treatment or in remission for childhood cancer. Each event has specific guidelines for child participation. Please check our Events page to see if your child qualifies!

How do I register my child for an upcoming show?

We are excited to have your child participate in an upcoming event. Please visit our Events page and click "Register" for the respective event. You will complete an initial registration page and then someone from our team will contact you to confirm your child’s enrollment.

What does participating in Runway Heroes entail?

Our main goal is for Runway Heroes to be an uplifting, confidence-building, and all around super fun event for your child. Children select an outfit, have professional photos taken, make-up and glam, and walk the runway. Some events, children will have more than 1 “look” and will swap outfits and walk the runway again - like a true runway show! Family and friends are welcome to attend to support the event and cause. Its an experience that boys and girls alike, truly love!

How does Runway Heroes raise money?

Runway Heroes raises funds through sponsorships, event-specific fundraising strategies, and individual donors. Child participants are invited to fundraise to support their walk down the runway, if they wish. Runway Heroes is a certified 501 (c)3 organization and all contributions are fully tax-deductible to the extent of the law.

Where does the money go?

Runway Heroes allocates donations from each event to a specific fundraising initiative. We allocate funds to provide financial resources for families of children with cancer. We also are passionate about funding research initiatives in hopes of developing more curative, less harsh treatments for childhood cancer.

At this time, we are seeking volunteers to join our fundraising team to help expand our reach and programming. If interested in getting involved, please reach out! We invite volunteers from our fundraising team to help out at events.

Do you accept volunteers?